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When I say, GO, I mean GO pick up your copy of Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon’s book, GO! I promise you will find helpful tools to assist you with the things that are holding you back. Dr. Cherita put together a well-crafted book of simple life applications that will change your mindset and life immediately. Many people talk about creating a blueprint for change, but not everyone can articulate the steps for you to see your development and change. Well done, Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon.

Michelle Washington

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Women of MORE Magazine

GO serves as a beautiful conduit for anyone who finds themselves stuck and stagnate between who they are now and who they ultimately want to become… In a point by point layout that consists of awareness and accountability for one’s own actions, Dr. Weatherspoon has successfully laid out a blueprint of characteristics that prepares the reader to want success, embrace success, and expect success.

Tanisha LaVerne Grant

Independent Entertainment Correspondent

I cannot adequately express the God-given gift to me Coach Cherita is. The webinar on Limiting Beliefs was so on point. I would have never been able to put into such clear words why I continue to get stuck while attempting to go forward. Well, last night it was explained so thoroughly. I must change my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Thank you, Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon!

Carolyn F.

Retired, Vice President, Citi

I admire what she has done and see her as an inspiration for myself.

This session really spoke to me right from the beginning. What we were told we would be listening to and attending was spot on.

The 7 steps are interesting, the course was informative.

Very good info for this point in my life.

Excerpts from participants at the Engaging Women 2017 Conference

St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN

I’m truly grateful for this experience. Dr. Cherita helped me to channel my passion and create another vehicle of expression for it. I valued the entire process because I believe it will put me one step ahead of my peers and a lot closer to my dreams. The process taught me how to research, use different resources, and to also not discount anyone or anything.

Corine C.

College Student, Howard University

Dr. Cherita’s Living Your Life With Purpose 7 Day Challenge will spark the very thing that is inside of you, PURPOSE! If you are serious about living purposefully, then this challenge is for you! The information is digestible and the challenges, if completed, will change your life!

Dr. Malaika T.

Author, Walking In Step With God On Purpose

As a professional in higher education with many years of experience, I was very fortunate to receive guidance and coaching both personally and professionally from Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Her ability to empower me with the creation of my professional vision for my future was simply priceless. Cherita is always willing to provide feedback that ensures development and continuous learning. I was able to step outside my comfort zone and take ownership of developing skills in the areas of assessment and grant writing. I now have developed new professional goals that will enable me to move forward in my career thanks to the coaching, guidance, and impact that Dr. Weatherspoon has had on me. I am extremely grateful!

Tia B.

Higher Education Professional

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