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Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is an Individual & Organizational Success Strategist and a thought leader on the topics of purpose and leadership. She is a four-time author, self-publisher, editor and contributing writer for Women of More Magazine.

Through her Powerhouse Coaching brand, Cherita’s mission is to engage, to elevate and to empower women. She engages with her clients and audience through shared experiences, humor, and sometimes tears, in print, on video, in person and virtually -challenging them to move, to act, and to overcome on their way to becoming. Her desire is to elevate their way of thinking, to think about possibilities rather than probabilities; what can be rather than what has been; and who they can become rather than the identity they feel they’ve lost. And, ultimately, she wants to empower women with practical strategies, a plan of action, accountability and support to accomplish their goals and live the life they desire…without guilt.

Cherita has worked with numerous organizations, including faith-based, education, non-profit, and for-profit organizations as a speaker, consultant, leader, and educator.


As a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Job & Career Transition Coach, and author, Cherita knows how to use her words to connect with the audience and move them to action. As an Educational Specialist with a doctorate in Educational Leadership, she knows how to connect ideas and concepts that will equip the audience with the knowledge and skill they need to move forward.

Her executive leadership experience in higher education and work as an adjunct professor in a master’s degree program in Leadership has provided her with a keen insight into what makes organizational change successful, what impacts organizational culture, and what motivates employees to go above and beyond.

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Behind Closed Doors

My Core Values

Faith in God

Love of Family

Service to Mankind



My Core Beliefs

Peace resides in purpose.

You can have it all once you define what all is.

We become our best selves when we allow who we are to determine what we do.

You can have the life you desire.

Success is subjective. You can decide what it is for you.

Your words have power.

My Core Practices

Daily Prayer

Weekly Visioning

Personal Development

Spiritual Growth


My Unique Ability

Seeing the possibilities of what can be, planning to overcome challenges, strategizing for success, and moving people from idea to implementation in an environment that applauds vulnerability and fuels growth.

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