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Here are a few free gifts for you to help you on your way to greatness.

GO! Motivational Audio

Based on the popular book, GO! 10 Powerful Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals & Living the Life You Desire, the GO! Motivational Audio is designed to help you power-up your day by reminding you that your goals are important and valuable, and to help keep your momentum going in the pursuit of your goals. Dr. Cherita gives you a short motivational thought then invites you to repeat a powerful affirmation with her. You can listen to the entire audio each morning or, when you’re short on time, listen to the ten affirmations on the bonus track.

Words are powerful creators in our lives. You can choose to speak strength, power and life into your dreams and listen to others who will do the same. But, you can also choose to speak negativity, pessimism and destruction; and listening to others that do is just as powerful as speaking the words yourself. Choose to speak life. Choose to be reminded each day of your worth, your ability and your impact. In this audio, Dr. Cherita does just that. Listen, speak and then you will be empowered to GO!

GO! Infographic

Need a visual reminder of the steps to take to accomplish your goals? The GO! Infographic will do just that. Post it on your wall at work, on your mirror at home, or keep a copy in your bag. Take a look at it whenever you feel frustrated, start to lose your confidence, or begin to second guess your plan. The infographic will provide a quick reminder of the the journey you are on and the steps you need to take to get there.

Take a Peek at the GO! Book

“Are you a goal-setter or a goal-getter?”
Many people set goals, but not everyone achieves their goals. Why is that? What is the difference between goal setters and goal getters? What holds some people back and what propels others forward? GO! 10 Powerful Steps To Accomplishing Your Goals And Living the Life Your Desire answers those questions and lays out a practical yet powerful strategy for moving from where you are to where you want to be. This book is not about setting SMART goals, nor is it about identifying what your goals are. GO is about changing your mindset, changing your attitude, changing your behavior and ultimately changing your life. If you’re ready, let’s GO!

Get the GO! Motivational Audio!

 Through 10 powerful affirmations, Dr. Cherita will help you get your mind right before stepping into the reality of the day. Whether you listen to one affirmation a day or all ten, you are sure to uplevel your mindset and face your challenges with a renewed focus and determination to win.

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Want a visual image to remind you to GO?

Grab your copy of the GO! Infographic. Print it and place it on your mirror, desk or refrigerator to remind you of the process of getting to your goals.

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Read and DO the first Chapter of GO!

If you haven't picked up your copy of GO! yet, grab the first chapter here for free. Remember, you don't just read GO, you do GO!

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