What I Do

My Philosophy

The work I do with women as a speaker and coach is guided by a foundational belief that empowering women is like turning water into wine. The transformation is miraculous. Taking someone who is already valuable and whose necessity in this world is undeniable, and through a collaborative, engaging, and empowering process assisting that person – that woman – in transforming into the woman she wants to be, making her internally richer, better, stronger and more impactful than she was before becoming the Powerhouse that she is.

My Methods

Whether your audience is College Students, Professionals, Executives or Entrepreneurs, we can create a customized program to meet specific goals and the needs of your audience. I always strive to motivate and inspire, while giving practical strategies to help the audience take immediate action, whether that is to solve a problem, overcome a challenge, or progress towards a goal. As a coach, I strive to address various needs of those I engage with whether one-on-one, in a small group setting, or from the stage, giving attention to mindset, strategy, and implementation and moving individuals from confusion to clarity, dreaming to doing, and ideation to implementation.

My Goals

I am committed to six primary goals for every engagement I accept:

  1. To meet the needs of the individual or organization I am serving.
  2. To engage the audience or client with relevant, inspiring and relatable content.
  3. To elevate the thinking and related behaviors of audience members.
  4. To empower individuals to rise to the challenges they face in their life, business and career.
  5. To effect a renewed commitment to excellence and authenticity.
  6. To help move the individual or organization’s goals forward.

My Vision

1 million women empowered and equipped to live authentic and fulfilling lives and experiencing passion, purpose, power and profit in their businesses and careers.

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