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No hype. No games. No gimmicks. Just real, down to earth, truth-telling, let’s make it happen messages. That’s what you get with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Using personal experiences, humor, reality and practicality, Cherita will engage, elevate and empower your audience to move forward with power.

Cherita has empowered thousands of people through her ministry engagements and presentations in educational organizations. Cherita started speaking publicly during her undergraduate years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Are you always busy, but feeling like you are not actually accomplishing anything? Do you feel like there is something important you should be doing, but you don’t know what it is? Perhaps, you know what it is, but don’t think you can do it. You think it’s too late, that you don’t have the skills or the time. You wonder if you will have the support you need. You’re afraid. You need a coach!

Do you wake up Monday morning dreading going to work? Are you overworked, underpaid, and undervalued? You wonder how you got to this place. You need a coach!

What People Are Saying

Before I took the 7 Elements of Purpose Course, I was stuck wondering what I was going to do with the next season of my life. As a result of taking this course, I refined who I want to serve and how. Although the course led me on a similar path that I was already on, I was able to eliminate those activities that caused me to question what difference I was making in the world. Now I have clarity about how much time I spend as an entrepreneur and volunteer and on what activities. I now have a purpose statement that hangs on my wall, and I look at it every day. This course is for anyone who is at a crossroads in their personal or professional life and is ready to make a change but doesn’t know how. If they put in the work, they will emerge with clarity and move to action!

Rochelle P.A.

CEO, Perceptions Unlimited

Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is a powerful and dynamic speaker! Her poised yet down to earth nature and practical life strategies made her words not only motivating but extremely relatable. The ladies in our program benefitted greatly from her encouraging message and from seeing firsthand what success at every level looks like.

Carla P.

Former Youth Advisor, YWCA of Delaware

Cherita has a real gift in serving as a role model, while still guiding individuals down their own respective paths. In my time working with Cherita, she’s challenged me to be a forward thinker, in collecting opportunities and experiences that will contribute to my professional goals. She has an evident interest in the advancement of professional women, and I certainly attribute my most recent success in part to my development through her coaching.

Nikia J.

Asst. Director Fraternity & Sorority Life, Indiana University


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Monday Morning Regrets

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Nothing Will Change

Today is a brand new day and I'm hoping that it will be your best day so far this year... full of love, peace, joy, and the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. But, you've got to know that the rising of the sun each morning does not automatically, magically, or...

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