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It Is What It Is! Really?

Life brings about a lot of change. We experience things that bring us a lot of joy, and things that bring us much grief, anger and disappointment. There have been times when I've questioned why things have happened to me... or more specifically, why God allowed things...

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Monday Morning Regrets

It's the Monday after... you don't have any regrets, do you? Regrets about what? It could be overeating, overspending, getting into an argument with a family member at dinner... anything really. The good thing is that there is still time to change the things in your...

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Nothing Will Change

Today is a brand new day and I'm hoping that it will be your best day so far this year... full of love, peace, joy, and the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. But, you've got to know that the rising of the sun each morning does not automatically, magically, or...

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