Do You Need A Coach?

Are you always busy, but feeling like you are not actually accomplishing anything? Do you feel like there is something important you should be doing, but you don’t know what it is? Perhaps, you know what it is, but don’t think you can do it. You think it’s too late, that you don’t have the skills or the time. You wonder if you will have the support you need. You’re afraid. You need a coach!

Do you wake up Monday morning dreading going to work? Are you overworked, underpaid, and undervalued? You wonder how you got to this place. You need a coach!

Are you an executive, manager, team leader or business owner struggling with organizational issues, team dynamics, employee morale and productivity? Are you challenged with managing multiple priorities, lacking motivation, or need to improve your leadership skills? You need a coach!

Still Not Sure?

Did you picture your life differently than what it is? Did you expect to do more? Be more? Are you living below your potential? Are you caught up in the roles you play and can’t find your way back to purpose? You need a coach!

Are you living a weak life –holding back the power that is inside of you? Shrinking back so that others might shine? Supporting the vision of others, while letting your vision die? You need a coach!

If you’re ready to live your purposeful and powerful life…You Need A Coach!


The Powerhouse Woman Collective is an exclusive mastermind and accountability group for amazing professional and entrepreneurial women who are committed to having it all in their personal, business, and professional lives and supporting other women in getting their all, too.

I created this group to help women like you who are tired of playing small, live the life you desire, break free of the restrictions and expectations of others, and empower you to align your purpose, passions, and position to step into your personal power.

If you are a woman who wants more, knows she deserves more, willing to do the work to get more, and help other women in the process, let’s have a conversation about what the Powerhouse Woman Collective can do for you and how you can contribute to the Collective. Whether you’re just starting on your journey or ready to level-up, the Collective may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

1:1 Coaching

There are two ways to get customized 1:1 coaching with Dr. Cherita. Through the Step Into Your Power coaching package you can get guidance, assistance and/or accountability with stepping into your power. Whether you are starting an entrepreneurial venture, changing careers, or seeking to up-level your leadership skills through executive coaching, Dr. Cherita will help you design the plan, develop the timeline, talk through ideas, identify the roadblocks, provide feedback or simply hold your feet to the fire to get things done. The Step Into Your Power Program is a minimum 3-month coaching commitment.

Our VIP Coaching Intensives are 1/2 day, 1 full day, or 2 full days of laser-focused coaching and consulting designed to catapult you to your next level. The entire package, whichever you choose gives you a total of six months of coaching in addition to your live VIP session. It’s an all-inclusive program that gives you extended coaching and accountability; Dr. Cherita as your business partner/consultant/coach/tech guru for a 1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 days; community, and additional education and training.

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