It’s the Monday after… you don’t have any regrets, do you? Regrets about what? It could be overeating, overspending, getting into an argument with a family member at dinner… anything really. The good thing is that there is still time to change the things in your life that you aren’t satisfied with. No, you can’t do anything about the food you ate over the holiday, but you can decide to exercise today, tomorrow, and each day thereafter. Yes, you can return the items you bought at the sales even though you didn’t really need them, and then invest that money into something that will bring you a return on investment. No, you can’t take back what you said, but you can apologize for saying it or you can accept the apology that may be offered to you.

Just because we mess up, doesn’t mean we have to stay in our mess. We can get up, wipe off the mud, and keep it moving forward. But, when we decide to stay there, that’s when regret will set in. We’ll get focused on what could have been, what should have been, what we should have done, etc. and that kind of thinking can lead to stagnation. That’s why I like new beginnings -a chance to begin again, to start over. You know, you can create a new beginning anytime you want to or need to. So, let’s make today the first day of the rest of your life. Let go of the regrets from the past week and focus on making this week the best week of the year in your life, career and business.

Here’s to No Regrets!


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