Who I Serve

Professional, Executive and Entrepreneurial Women

I help women gain clarity and tell the truth about what they really want in life, business and career, develop a plan of action to get it, provide accountability and support, so they can be who they are meant to be and have everything they want to have… without guilt.

The women who will benefit most from engaging with me might resonate with one of these three women:

Lisa is a professional woman. She makes good money. She may be married or divorced, with children. Lisa is busy. She’s got a lot going on with her family activities and other commitments. She hasn’t learned the power of the word “No.” Lisa is unfulfilled and feels guilty about not being totally happy and satisfied with her life. Lisa needs help rediscovering who she is and her dreams, and finding the space in her life for what she wants.


Ashley is a struggling entrepreneur. She may still work a full-time job and is trying to balance her family, work, business and other responsibilities. Or, she is in her business full-time but isn’t having the success she desires because she is still pulled in multiple directions or is afraid to take the next steps in her business. Ashley wants to focus more on her business so she can grow it to the point that she can leave her job and create more time for the things and the people who are most important to her.


Nicole is an executive, leading an organization or a major department of an organization. She is challenged with maintaining work-life balance and may be experiencing some dissonance because she feels her work or the organization she works for is not aligned with her personal values or mission. She may be experiencing some organizational challenges that she’s not sure how to overcome and it is seeping into her personal life. Nicole wants to get the balance back in her life, be more impactful at work, and create positive organizational change.

Nicole, Ashley and Lisa are between the ages of 27 – 55. They are middle to upper-class women with multiple responsibilities, including family. By all accounts, their lives are good. Yet something is missing and they are yearning for something more or something different.

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