No Hype. No Games. No Gimmicks.

Just real, down to earth, truth-telling, let’s make it happen messages. That’s what you get with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Using personal experiences, humor, reality and practicality, Cherita will engage, elevate and empower your audience to move forward with power.

Cherita has empowered thousands of people through her ministry engagements and presentations in educational organizations. Cherita started speaking publicly during her undergraduate years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As a peer advisor and resident assistant, she conducted workshops for other students, and as a student leader often found herself in a position to publicly advocate for students or conduct presentations for new and prospective students and their families. Cherita taught her first Bible study at Victory Christian Assembly in Indiana, PA. That led to numerous other ministry speaking engagements in her childhood hometown, Chester, PA. Her first ongoing professional paid speaking engagements were with Monster.com and The World Game.


Over the years, Cherita has facilitated workshops for various groups in ministry, education and business. With each engagement, Cherita tailors her message to meet the needs of the audience. She is motivational and inspiring, but also empowering – equipping listeners with strategies that can be immediately implemented in their lives, work or business.

Cherita is passionate about purpose, position and power, and believes that these are the key ingredients to a successful life, career and business. She arrives at each engagement ready to serve, ready to inspire, ready to equip, and ready to empower.


Most appropriate for Women’s Events, Retreats and other special events.

Life Happens, Purpose Remains

Do you remember when you used to dream big dreams? When everything seemed possible? But, then life happened. Life may be
good, but it’s not what you dreamt it would be. Don’t despair, purpose remains. Through inspirational stories, wisdom gained from personal experiences and practical strategies, Dr. Cherita will motivate your audience to hope again, to dream again, and to pursue purpose.

Step Into Your Power

What is power? How do you get it? How do you use it? Dr. Cherita views power a bit differently than most people. In this presentation, she will deliver the three keys to stepping into and walking in your personal power. Audience members will leave with a renewed commitment to living their best life and doing their best work, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity.

GO! The 5 Steps that Will Change Your Life

Based on Dr. Cherita’s book, GO! 10 Powerful Steps To Accomplishing Your Goals & Living the Life You Desire, this motivational talk will inspire and empower audience members with practical, yet powerful, strategies that will shift their mindsets, adjust their attitudes, change their behaviors and ultimately change their lives.

For Organizations & Universities

For Corporations, Non-profits, and Colleges. Most appropriate for leadership development, professional development, leadership retreats and corporate recognition events.


When Mission Becomes Critical

This message is designed to boost employee morale, motivate staff to lead from their position and realize the unique value they each bring to the organization. It is ideal for companies and organizations going through change, that have experienced a recent major setback or loss, or that simply want to communicate how much they value their employees.

Yes You, Yes Now!

This is an inspirational message for students designed to help them realize the impact that they can have on the world…if they choose to. Dr. Cherita will challenge students to take their positions as leaders now. This program is ideal for leadership retreats, new student leaders, leadership groups, beginning of year leadership training events.

Becoming Indispensible

How do you get noticed? How do you get promoted? How do you increase your value to your employer? Become indispensable. In this presentation, Dr. Cherita offers effective and practical tips for setting yourself apart and opening doors of opportunity. This program is ideal for organizations seeking to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, leadership, creativity and resourcefulness in your employees.

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